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15 Haminastraat
Antwerpen, Vlaams Gewest, 2030

+32 3 540 85 01

You need your cargo to be taken care of thoroughly and quickly

So why choose a big company? Go with Titan Cargo instead ! We are a small all-round logistics company and we like it that way. It makes us more flexible. We deliver a personalised approach and an answer to all your questions within 24 hours. And yes, you can send any kind of cargo in our direction. Shipping some extra large ones this week? Excellent, we like it that way.  Because the Titans can handle anything. Titan Cargo is a proud member of the X² Global Network of Project Logistics Specialists. We are based in the Port of Antwerp. Trust us, you can’t get any closer to the heart of Europe. Get in touch with one of our Titans to discuss your specific needs or take a look at some of our realisations on the projects page.

4 PL

Subcontracting and coordinating several parts of the supply chain:

- Importing / stripping containers

- Gathering spare parts

- Critical assembly of machinery

- Seaworthy packing / crating

- Container stuffing for worldwide exports