You care about your cargo and want it to be handled solidly.
We forward cargo to all corners of the world every day.
So yes, we’re experienced. And we care about every shipment we handle.
It’s just the way Titans are.

Need some help importing or exporting something special?
We are all well-trained so we can offer the best service in the market,
including a personal follow-up to make sure everything goes according to plan.
That’s what Titans do.

Forwarding over land AND sea? We are based in the Port of Antwerp.
That’s the second largest port in Europe. And Titans always adapt to their surroundings.
Enough said?

Sometimes you just need something to be shipped to a destination far away as quickly as possible.
In these situations, Titans even put their heads in the clouds for you. We can offer all kinds of air freight solutions,
from sending the smallest package with an air freight carrier to chartering an entire plane especially for your cargo

Is your specific logistic issue not being covered by the above list? Don’t worry.
Titans don’t like to be put in boxes either. We handle many other businesses and
commodities on a daily basis. Just ask us!

No problem if you don't feel like loading a container yourself. Titans are always in the mood for that.
In fact, it's one of our specialties. Send us your cargo, and we will load it here in Antwerp

Titans don't compromise on the safety of your goods. When you're shipping something large over sea,
we always make sure your cargo is securely and professionally packed in seaworthy boxes.